The Plots

Embrace the Land, Empower Your Stay

CommuneDAO's "The Plots" represents a unique tapestry of living options where DAO membership shares translate directly into access rights. Each member can tailor their experience by choosing to invest in the community at a level that suits their lifestyle and aspirations.

Flexible Living Options:

  • Tent Spots: Immerse yourself in the elemental with our tent spots, available to those seeking the serenity of the stars and the earth's embrace.

  • RV Spots: Merge the spirit of mobility with community living by acquiring access to our RV spots, a nod to those who carry their homes with a zest for exploration.

  • Tiny Homes/Cabins: Find solace in the compact elegance of our tiny homes or cabins, designed for those who wish to balance minimalist living with maximal life.

  • Private Lots: For a deeper connection and a personal canvas, invest in private lots of up to acres, crafting your unique enclave within our ecosystem.

Access Through Ownership:

Membership in CommuneDAO is not just about investment; it's about the opportunity for utilization. Access rights to these plots are determined by the number of shares owned, with each type of living space requiring a minimum share commitment. While there is a cap on the number of lots available, flexibility remains key—members can choose to simply hold shares or to translate their shares into rights for usage of one or multiple plots.

Beyond Ownership:

You don't need to choose a physical space to be part of our community. Even without claiming a plot, each share held is a stake in CommuneDAO, with the potential for participation and voice in our collective future.

A Limited Offering:

"The Plots" are a finite, carefully planned selection, ensuring that every space integrates with our ethos of sustainability and community. As a member, you're invited to choose your degree of engagement, from passive shareholding to active living, all within the bounds of a pioneering, environmentally conscious community.

The Plots: Secure Your Preferred Spot With Early Investment

Invest Early, Choose First — The Principle of Plot Picking

At CommuneDAO, we're not just allocating land; we're curating a community where every early decision carves out the future. With a variety of plots awaiting their pioneers, the power of choice rests in the hands of those who commit first.

Priority Selection for Early Investors:

  • First Mover Advantage: Commit your investment early, and open up a world of possibilities. Whether you envision a cabin by the stream or an RV under the oaks, being first in line means first dibs on location.

  • Investment Equals Choice: From the first to the final investor, the order of plot location selection is determined by the timestamp of your investment. Early investors have the luxury of choice, while latecomers inherit the remaining spots.

  • Universal Policy for All Plots: This principle applies to every plot type within our community—be it tent spots, RV berths, tiny homes, or cabins. Your investment time is your ticket to prime positioning.

  • The Last Spot Paradox: Wait too long, and the choice is no longer a choice. The last investor gets the last remaining spot. So, invest now to ensure that you aren’t just part of CommuneDAO, but that CommuneDAO is a part of your vision.

Urgency and Opportunity:

The blueprint of our community is dynamic, and the stakes are high. As we march towards our goal, the landscape of choices will evolve—shrinking with each new investor. The early bird not only gets the worm but the best views, the most spacious environs, and the prime locales our land has to offer.

Craft Your Legacy with Timely Action:

Don't leave your place in CommuneDAO to chance. Early investment is your canvas, and the land is your palette. Choose now, lead the way, and watch as your foresight crafts a legacy in a community that values vision and rewards initiative.

  • Tent Sites: Each acre will host 10 tent sites, and every site will be 3,500 square feet. This generous size for each tent site allows for ample space for not just the tent, but additional outdoor amenities such as a fire pit, seating, and even a small recreational area. It's a luxury camping experience with each plot providing plenty of room for a comfortable stay in nature.

  • Tiny Homes: With 5 tiny homes per acre, each plot for a tiny home would be 5,000 square feet. This provides enough space for the tiny home itself, alongside a sizeable yard area for an outdoor living space, gardens, and parking. This can create a comfortable, semi-private living experience, with enough room to enjoy the outdoors right outside the tiny home, while maintaining a sense of community.

This careful distribution ensures that all residents, whether they're in a tent or a tiny home, have a substantial amount of space to enjoy, contributing to the serene and spacious atmosphere of the communeDAO.

  • Private Lots Breakdown:

    • Quarter-Acre Lots (.25 acres): Ideal for a single standard-sized mobile home with sufficient space for a driveway and a small garden or relaxation area. These lots offer intimacy without compromising on personal outdoor space.

    • Half-Acre Lots (.5 acres): Perfect for those who want a bit more breathing room. Suitable for larger or multiple structures, such as a mobile home and a workshop or a garden, with ample space for parking.

    • One-Acre Lots (1 acre): The premium choice for maximum space and versatility. Can accommodate larger homes, extensive gardens, recreational areas, or additional buildings like guest houses or storage facilities.

    • Combination Lots: Lots can be combined in multiples of quarter, half, and whole acres to tailor to specific needs. For example, a 2.75-acre plot could include 2 one-acre lots, 1 half-acre lot, and 1 quarter-acre lot, allowing for a large residence with extensive grounds and multiple amenities.

These lots are designed for flexibility, giving the owner the freedom to build and customize their space to fit their lifestyle while maintaining harmony with the community layout.

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