Property Taxes

Ensuring Longevity with Prudent Planning

CommuneDAO is committed to the foresight of financial management, ensuring our shared lands are not just acquired but maintained with a sustainable approach towards recurring fiscal responsibilities such as property taxes and company filings.

Strategic Approach:

  • Dedicated Cashflow Security: A dedicated reserve of 10,000 AVAX, our Cashflow Security fund, is the cornerstone of our financial strategy.

  • Dynamic Yield Utilization: We actively manage this fund to generate yields, tactically aimed at covering annual property taxes and the essential costs of maintaining company compliance.

  • Member-Directed Surplus: Surplus yields, after the fulfillment of tax and compliance obligations, become a matter for DAO member deliberation. Members democratically vote to decide on the allocation of excess funds, whether it's reinvestment, infrastructure development, or other community-beneficial initiatives.

Transparent Governance:

  • Open Financials: Members have uninterrupted access to the fund's performance and financial decisions, reinforcing our ethos of transparency.

  • Collective Decision-Making: Every member's voice is integral in guiding the fiscal direction of CommuneDAO through participatory voting on surplus fund allocation.

Our Pledge:

With this structured financial strategy, we pledge to uphold the autonomy of our community, ensuring that the CommuneDAO endures as a self-sufficient entity, with its fiscal responsibilities astutely managed and its financial health in the hands of its members.

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