The Commune*

Not your typical Commune.

Welcome to the Unconventional Commune

At the heart of our expansive land lies a community - a commune, if you will - but not the kind you might picture when you hear the word. We are redefining communal living for the modern, independent individual who values personal space and sovereignty as much as a sense of belonging.

Self-Reliance in Unity

Here, there are no chore wheels or mandated duties. Our ethos is grounded in self-reliance and mutual respect. Each member is their own keeper, tending to their needs and space with a deep consideration for their neighbors. We understand that every task and responsibility is ours alone, yet we stand ready to lend a hand when asked. This is not out of obligation, but out of the communal spirit that thrives on voluntary cooperation.

Respect as Our Foundation

Our respect for one another is the cornerstone of our commune. It's a respect that acknowledges the freedom of each individual to live as they choose, without imposition. The bathrooms, the kitchens, and the shared spaces do not come with assigned cleaning schedules - they are maintained by the collective pride and respect we hold for our environment and each other.

Harmony with Nature

Our connection with the land is profound and permeates every aspect of our existence. We hold a deep and abiding love and respect for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, from the ants beneath our feet to the birds overhead. Our practices reflect a sustainable balance - we may raise chickens and partake in nature's bounty, but always with gratitude and a recognition of the preciousness of life. We strive to thrive not only as individuals and a community but also as custodians of the planet, nurturing a harmony that ensures the flourishing of all living things.

Independence and Community Interwoven

In this space, we live independently together. We celebrate the diversity of our individual lives, skills, and contributions while weaving a tight-knit fabric of community. Each member contributes to the commune in their unique way, not because they must, but because they choose to be part of something larger than themselves.

A New Kind of Commune

Call us a community, a collective, a tribe - we are all of these and none of them at the same time. We are a group of individuals who share the land, share a vision, and share a life, while firmly holding onto our self-sufficiency. We invite you to join us not just in a place, but in a movement that cherishes personal freedom as much as communal growth, and holds a reverent love for the natural world.

Welcome to our commune - an unconventional space for independent spirits seeking connection without conformity, and a deep, shared commitment to the Earth we all call home.

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