The Exit

How we exit, desolve the DAO, sell the property, and *profit.

The Exit: Pathways of Transition within CommuneDAO

In the life cycle of our collective, "The Exit" represents several paths: the personal decision to depart from the DAO, the strategic choice to sell communal property, or the emblematic journey towards the very essence of our commune's existence.

Personal Exit: A Member's Departure

The personal exit process, as described more in-depth at the end, ensures a member's departure is handled with dignity and fairness, reflecting our core values of mutual respect and transparency.

Collective Exit: The Decision to Dissolve

CommuneDAO embraces the fluidity of existence and the community's will. There may come a time when we collectively decide to sell the property and dissolve our union.

  1. Consensus Decision: The choice to sell and dissolve will be made collectively, through a democratic process that honors the voice of every member.

  2. Sale and Distribution: Upon sale, the proceeds will be equitably distributed among shareholders, aiming for a profitable and satisfactory conclusion for all.

  3. Honoring the Journey: The decision to dissolve is a significant event, and we will honor it with ceremonies that celebrate our shared experiences and time together.

The Bug Out: Returning to the Essence

For some, "The Exit" is not an ending but a return to the essence of our founding ethos—a bug out from society’s complexities to the simplicity of our commune.

  1. The Founder’s Vision: Our founder, Jon Vaughn, envisions the commune as a sanctuary to return to, a place of peace after the whirlwind of worldly pursuits.

  2. The Bug Out Option: Members may choose to exit the conventional societal grid and embrace the community’s lifestyle as a profound personal transition.

  3. A Sanctuary for All: Whether for a brief respite or a more permanent shift, the commune stands as a testament to our desire for freedom and simplicity.

The Exit's Multifaceted Nature

The Exit thus embodies our philosophy of personal choice, collective will, and the fundamental human need for sanctuary. It is a testament to our understanding that life is not linear but a series of passages and thresholds.

Final Words: The Exit as an Open Door

We perceive every exit not as a closed door but as a gateway to new beginnings. Whether one is stepping away, we are collectively choosing a new direction, or returning to the roots of our existence, every Exit carves out the space for new stories to unfold.

The Exit: Honoring the Journey's Close - Personal Exit: A Member's Departure

Every journey has its beginning and its end, and at CommuneDAO, we honor both with equal respect. "The Exit" is a path laid out for those who choose to transition away from our collective, ensuring their departure is as smooth and dignified as the arrival.

Understanding The Exit

The Exit is not merely a transaction; it is a conscious uncoupling from the community, handled with care and consideration for the individual’s contributions and the collective's continuity.

Procedure for Departure

  1. Notification: Members wishing to exit shall provide notice to the DAO, initiating the departure process.

  2. Valuation: An up-to-date valuation of the member’s share will be conducted to reflect the fair market value.

  3. Offering to the Community: Initially, the exiting member’s share will be offered to the existing community, providing an opportunity for internal reallocation.

  4. Open Market Sale: Should there be no internal buyer, the share will be offered on the open market, with proceeds being returned to the exiting member.

Reinvestment and Growth

The Exit is also an opportunity for reinvestment and growth within the community, allowing new members to join and contribute fresh perspectives and energies.

Ensuring Fairness

Transparency and fairness are key. The Exit process will be managed to ensure that departing members receive fair value and that the community's integrity is maintained.

Closure and Continuation

As members depart, we honor their time with us and the legacy they leave behind. The Exit is designed to provide closure for departing members while ensuring the continuation and evolution of CommuneDAO.

Farewell, Not Goodbye

We view The Exit not as a goodbye but as a recognition of the impermanent nature of all things. We part with gratitude for the shared experiences and the growth they have fostered within our community.

Our Ethos: Commitment to Continuity

At the heart of CommuneDAO lies an ethos of endurance and permanence. Our collective endeavor is not a short-term investment with sights set on profit, but a long-term commitment to a way of life that embodies freedom, harmony, and simplicity.

The Essence of Our Intent:

  • Perpetual Sanctuary: We're building more than structures on land; we're cultivating a sanctuary for life, a space where one can perpetually "bug out" from the intensity of the external world.

  • A Living Legacy: The commune is intended to be a living legacy, a testament to the power of community and the pursuit of a more authentic, interconnected existence.

Planning for All Possibilities:

  • Prudent Foresight: While our hearts are firmly rooted in the vision of the commune, we exercise prudent foresight by preparing for every eventuality, including the potential of a collective exit.

  • Responsible Stewardship: It's a mark of responsible stewardship to plan for the unforeseen. Our exit strategy is in place not because we seek an end, but because we value the security and assurance it provides for every member.

Affirmation of Our Journey:

  • A Pledge of Persistence: Every member of CommuneDAO pledges to nurture and grow our community, reinforcing our commitment to this shared journey.

  • Beyond Profit: Our success is not measured in profit but in the enduring strength of our bonds and the quality of life within the commune.

A Closing Thought: While we acknowledge the practicality of an exit strategy, it stands not as a beacon calling us to conclude our venture but as a silent sentinel, allowing us to live fully in our truth, with the comfort of knowing we are prepared for every possibility.

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