How We Are Buying The Land

"CommuneDAO channels collective investment through a 10,000 AVAX pool, matched by Cashflow Security, to acquire and democratically govern land valued at a minimum of $100,000."

CommuneDAO pioneers a unique convergence of blockchain assets with physical real estate. Our ambition is to amass 20,000 AVAX, with one portion earmarked for land acquisition and the other for establishing a robust Cashflow Security.

Capital Formation & Contributions: We're injecting 10,000 AVAX to constitute the Cashflow Security, providing 50% of the total capital required. This commitment not only fortifies our financial foundation but also secures the minimum value threshold of our venture. To gather the remaining 50%, we are inviting our DAO members to purchase 10,000 shares, valued at 1 AVAX each, dedicated to funding the land acquisition.

Ownership & Shares: In a gesture of community trust and equitable distribution, we're only claiming a 20% stake in CommuneDAO, translating to 2,500 shares out of a total of 12,500. This ensures that the lion's share of ownership and decision-making power resides with the community.

Democratic Decision-Making: Every significant move is decided by DAO members through voting, from potential land purchases to strategic holds or dissolutions. The key decision to execute the land purchase is slated for no later than December 31, 2024.

Guaranteed Valuation: It is imperative that the 10,000 AVAX designated for the land purchase holds a minimum valuation of $100,000 at the time of voting. This ensures we have adequate funds to secure quality land. Should this valuation not be met, we will default to a cancellation, returning the contributed AVAX to our members.

Through this strategy, we balance a substantial financial input with fair community ownership, encapsulating CommuneDAO's ethos: a collective investment for shared benefit.

CommuneDAO's Founding Principles and Investment Framework

At CommuneDAO, our resources are poised to fully realize our vision without external aid. The founders are equipped and ready to deploy 20,000 AVAX — 10,000 AVAX for land procurement and an equal amount to establish a robust Cashflow Security. This solid foundation underscores our commitment to the project's success and longevity.

Yet, our ethos extends beyond self-sufficiency. We seek to cultivate a genuine community spirit, where participation and shared ownership are celebrated. Therefore, we present a unique opportunity:

  • Founders' Guarantee: We will initiate and complete the land acquisition with our resources, affirming that the project's foundation is unshakable.

  • Open Invitation for Community Shares: We are releasing 10,000 shares, each corresponding to 1 AVAX, to fund the land acquisition collaboratively. This is not out of necessity, but a gesture to foster inclusivity and collective governance.

  • Equity Distribution: If the community fully contributes 10,000 AVAX, the founders will hold a 20% ownership stake, corresponding to the 10,000 AVAX for Cashflow Security. For any amount less than 10,000 AVAX raised from the community, the founders will match the shortfall and accordingly increase their ownership stake. Every AVAX contributed by the founders beyond Cashflow Security will secure additional shares, ensuring a fair and proportional equity distribution.

  • Democratic Governance: Every DAO member has a say, with decision-making power proportionate to their contribution. This ensures an equitable platform where contributions directly influence governance.

  • Assured Valuation: We maintain a steadfast commitment to ensuring a minimum $100,000 valuation from the AVAX allocated for land acquisition. The final decision to execute the land purchase will be made no later than December 31, 2024, with full refunds issued if the valuation criteria are not met.

Our approach intertwines founder autonomy with community collaboration. We can, and if necessary, will independently undertake this venture. However, we choose to open doors for collective participation, inviting our community to join us on this journey, not out of necessity but out of a vision for shared prosperity and unity.

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