Minimum 30 acre plot worth at least $100,000

The Property Detailed Overview for CommuneDAO: Permanent vs. Non-Permanent Development

At CommuneDAO, the sprawling 30-acre Property is not just land; it's a canvas for innovation and sustainable development, with a keen distinction between permanent and non-permanent contributions. DAO members are empowered to vote and influence decisions in proportion to their investment, fostering a truly collaborative environment.

To claim a personal space within this landscape, members can make tiered investments—100 AVAX might secure a tent site, while 1000 AVAX could grant usage rights for a half-acre lot. These investment thresholds are the gateways to personalization within the community.

Further development is facilitated through two distinct categories of development bonds. Permanent development bonds are for structures like clubhouses or in-ground homes that are inextricably linked to the property's value and cannot be removed. Investment in these bonds implies a contribution to the overall worth of the community's assets, which benefits all members if the property is ever sold.

Conversely, non-permanent development bonds allow for the creation of movable structures, such as towable tiny homes or RVs. These bonds cater to members who wish to retain individual ownership over their developments, offering the flexibility to remove their assets if the community decides to sell the property.

This bifurcated approach ensures that investments in permanent developments are recognized as enhancing the collective value of The Property, while non-permanent developments provide individual members with the autonomy to personalize their experience without impacting the core assets of the DAO.

CommuneDAO's innovative structure allows for personal expression and development within a collective framework, balancing the interests of individual members with the long-term value proposition of the entire community.

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