The Property

At the heart of CommuneDAO lies our treasured asset: The Property. This land, a symbol of our collective ambition, will be acquired to embody the vision and values of our community.

The Property Detailed Overview for CommuneDAO with Investment Tiers

The Property, a minimum of 30 acres of pristine land, is the cornerstone of CommuneDAO's mission to forge a community that embodies sustainable living and collective well-being. It represents a unique fusion of individual space and community ethos.

Members of CommuneDAO, through a tiered investment structure, will have the opportunity to shape this vision. Every DAO member's vote carries weight proportional to their level of investment, giving a democratic voice to each contributor, large or small. This ensures that all decisions made about The Property's development and usage are reflective of the collective will.

For those seeking to establish a more tangible presence on The Property, a minimum investment threshold applies. For instance, to claim usage rights to a tent site, a member might need to contribute a minimum of 100 AVAX, while securing a half-acre lot would require a larger investment, say 1000 AVAX. These figures are illustrative, not final, but they underscore the concept of investment commensurate with usage rights.

This approach not only allows for a scalable involvement, where members can increase their stake and corresponding rights over time but also safeguards the integrity of the land. With one-third of The Property designated for individual claims like tent sites, tiny homes, and private lots, and the remainder preserved for communal enjoyment and projects, CommuneDAO ensures a harmonious balance between private retreats and shared spaces, all governed by the collective voice of its members.

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