Cashflow Security

Cashflow Security is a foundational financial strategy for CommuneDAO, ensuring operational costs such as property taxes are sustainably covered. This is achieved by holding and staking a crypto asset

CommuneDAO fortifies its financial framework by allocating 10,000 AVAX to Cashflow Security, with the intent to either stake for a 6% yield or run a validator node for a 7% yield. This strategy ensures a reliable stream of income to cover perpetual costs such as property taxes, cementing our operational autonomy. This security is guaranteed until such time as the DAO collectively decides to liquidate the land asset, safeguarding our communal investment and underpinning our fiscal strategy with a layer of assurance for all members.

The Cashflow Security, with an initial infusion of 10,000 AVAX, underpins the fiscal integrity of CommuneDAO's land acquisition, safeguarding a $100,000 investment in real estate. Valued at $130,000 at the current rate, this reserve not only covers the immediate asset value but is also poised for significant growth, with projections eyeing an anticipated market upswing beyond the historical peak of $146 per AVAX.

This proactive financial strategy ensures that, even if AVAX's value fluctuates, the Cashflow Security's worth will remain robust, never falling below the land asset's purchase price. In the event of a market downturn, additional AVAX will be allocated to bolster the fund, maintaining a minimum value of $100,000.

Looking ahead, CommuneDAO's vision is set on capitalizing upon the potential ascent of AVAX's value, aligning with our optimistic forecast. By securing a quantity of AVAX that is expected to appreciate, the DAO's land asset is not just protected but also positioned for enhanced value growth. This anticipatory approach signifies a blend of vigilance and strategic optimism, reinforcing the DAO's financial foundation while capitalizing on future market triumphs.

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